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Collection of Geophysical Logs of Florida


The Florida Geological Survey (FGS) maintains a collection of geophysical logs run on water production wells, monitor wells, injection wells, oil and gas wells, and stratigraphic testing boreholes throughout the state. The collection represents approximately 5,320 boreholes, some of which are also represented in the core and well cuttings sample collection. The collection includes the following log types: Spontaneous Potential (SP), Single Point Resistance (SPR), Time, Caliper, Fluid Conductivity, Magnetic, Electrical Induction, Natural Gamma, Dipmeter, Laterolog, Micro Laterolog, Neutron, Photo, Radioactivity, Sonic, Temperature, Gamma-Gamma, Resistivity, and Fluid Velocity. The collection contains logs run by multiple agencies including [...]

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Electronic formats including tiff, pdf, and las files are available through the Florida Geological Survey website.


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The original collection record was derived from a survey of State Geological Survey organizations conducted under the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program. Final Harvest from State Inventory on Fri Nov 12 14:31:39 CST 2010. Efforts have been made under G14AS00026 to update and inventory the actual number of documents in the collection.

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usageTrendThe usage is expected to go up. The FGS has recently acquired a geophysical logger and will be adding to the collection on project specific cases, these will be accessed more so than the older files.

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