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Collection of rock cores from Florida


The FGS receives 2, 3 and 4 inch bore hole core samples. The core can be spot cores - taken from specific intervals, or continuous core ¿ representing the entire length of a bore hole. Samples arrive in various containers, and many times must be reboxed for long term storage. The majority of our samples are stored in cardboard boxes, but we do have a small percentage of cores in wooden boxes and PVC. For our 2 and 3 inch cores we have boxes that hold 8-10 feet of sample, similar to traditional NQ core boxes. The boxes are made of cardboard and are assembled by folding and stapling the sides. The boxes are 25.5¿ x 13¿ x 2.5¿. Our 4 inch cores are also stored in cardboard boxes. These boxes hold 4 feet of sample and are 26¿ x 9¿ x 4.5¿. [...]

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28_112413_P582Charlotte_Dataset_100405_lds.csv 42.85 KB
28_112502_P582Desoto_Dataset_100512_avr.csv 35 KB
28_112530_P582Glades_Dataset_100329_avr.csv 180 Bytes
28_112638_P582Hardee_Dataset_100519_avr.csv 24.77 KB
28_112702_P582Highlands_Dataset_100507_lds.csv 16.69 KB
28_112727_P582IndianRiver_Dataset_100512_lds.csv 22.06 KB
28_112808_P582Martin_Dataset_100323_lds.csv 18.01 KB
28_112843_P582Okeechobee_Dataset_100506_avr.csv 11.7 KB
28_112914_P582Sarasota_Dataset_100412_lds.csv 32.89 KB
28_112947_P582StLucie_Dataset_100330_lds.csv 39.49 KB
20090923_151138_pipe_MO_090615_nad27.csv 29.93 KB
20091020_125417_P582CR_090616_nad27.csv 84.34 KB
20091022_084932_P582PB_090616_nad27.csv 4.61 KB
20091022_085033_P582LE_090616_nad27.csv 26.27 KB
20091022_085117_P582HY_090616_nad27.csv 20.18 KB
20091022_085610_P582BW_090616_nad27.csv 8.03 KB
20091022_085738_P582DD_090615_nad27.csv 33.68 KB
20091109_114622_P582CR_090616_nad27.csv 152.76 KB
20091109_115145_P582PB_090616_nad27.csv 9.7 KB
20091109_115325_P582LE_090616_nad27.csv 71.55 KB
20091109_115453_P582HY_090616_nad27.csv 82.22 KB
20091109_115714_P582BW_090616_nad27.csv 14.42 KB
20091109_115802_P582DD_090615_nad27.csv 61.69 KB
20091109_115834_P582MO_090615_nad27.csv 13.88 KB
20091214_070959_P582NGGDPP_Phase_II_upload_file_v1_lafedit.csv 1,001.96 KB
20101005_145709_P582Citrus_Dataset_100527_avr.csv 27.54 KB
20101005_145746_P582Hernando_Dataset_100721_swb.csv 21.71 KB
20101005_145814_P582Lake_Dataset_100624_avr.csv 42.8 KB
20101005_145842_P582Levy_Dataset_100824_swb.csv 47.24 KB
20101005_145906_P582Marion_Dataset_100729_avr.csv 27.34 KB
20101005_145955_P582Orange_Dataset_100824_avr.csv 5.97 KB
20101005_150017_P582Pasco_Dataset_100714_swb.csv 35.74 KB
20101005_150038_P582Sumter_Dataset_100621_swb.csv 24.72 KB
20091030_112534_P582Statemap_Q1982_Q1983_090616_nad27.csv 54.42 KB

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External users contact our staff and make arrangements to visit our repository. Internal users can access the repository at any time. External visitors requesting samples must fill out request forms, projects must be approved and they will be monitored while sampling.


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sourceSystem CSC 1087778
UniqueKey State Inventory P582

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usageTrendThe trend is expected to increase both internally and externally. Internal projects have been on the rise especially those that require sampling of cores and core analysis. We also expect an increase in external visitors as awareness of our collection increase and as the samples become more relevant.

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