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Collection of Rock Cuttings from Florida


The Florida Geological Survey (FGS) maintains a collection of geologic samples from throughout Florida. This includes cuttings samples recovered from drilling in the rock below the softer surficial sediments of Florida at intervals of 5, 10 or 20 ft. The FGS cuttings collection contains both washed and unwashed samples. Clay samples can easily be washed away when processing samples, so an unwashed set is kept for all samples. Samples are stored by interval in paper sample envelopes which are then stored in cardboard boxes. The collection includes over 39,000 boxes, which each hold an average of 380 ft per box. We have an estimated 13.1 million feet of cuttings in our collection, ranging from shallow sample sets to deep oil and gas [...]

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“FGS Cuttings Collection 2018”
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Material Request Instructions

External users contact our staff and make arrangements to visit our repository. Internal users can access the repository at any time. External visitors requesting samples must fill out request forms, projects must be approved and they will be monitored while sampling.


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usageTrendThe trend is expected to increase both internally and externally. Internal projects have been on the rise especially those that require sampling of cuttings and cuttings analysis. We also expect an increase in external visitors as awareness of our collection increase and as the samples become more relevant.

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