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Cynomys gunnisoni


Pizzimenti, John J, and Hoffmann, Robert S, Cynomys gunnisoni: .


Total length of adult Gunnison's prairie dogs varies from 309 to 373 mm and adults weigh 650 to 1200 g; males average larger than females. The species thus is smaller than C. leucurus, but slightly larger than C. parvidens, the other two species in the subgenus Leucocrossuromys. The dorsal color is yellowish buff intermixed with blackish hairs. The top of the head, sides of cheeks, and "eyebrows" are noticeably darker than other parts of the pelage. The species differs from black-tailed prairie dogs (C. ludovicianus and C. mexicanus, subgenus Cynomys) in having a much shorter tail (39 to 68 mm), less than one-fifth the total body length. The proximal half of the tail is the same color as the dorsal pelage; the distal one-half has a [...]



  • Upper Colorado River Basin



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