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Collection of Geothermal Well Files from Nevada


Paper files for 1058 entries for geothermal well files whether drilled or not. Some files are for "Project Areas", which contain a number of proposed wells that are later individually repermitted. The files are filed by: 1) a code tied to NBMG Bulletin 91, "Thermal Waters of Nevada"; and 2) permit or related number. The files are copies of documents required to be turned in to the Nevada Division of Minerals, which is the main state regulatory agency for geothermal exploration. Also, the NBMG has many files that predate 1985 when the Nevada Division of Minerals took over permitting from the Nevada Division of Water Resources. The files contain permits, sundry notices, logs, geology reports, scout cards, water analyses, and other items. [...]

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usageTrendThe recent usage seems to be running counter to the annual permit data. Annual usage recently peaked at 40 in 2002 and declined to 11 in 2005. It was 15 in 2006 and again in 2007. The long term trend in use is uncertain though it will likely increase as the State Legislature passed a law requiring 15% of power generated in Nevada must come from geothermal sources by 2013.
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