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Collection of Drill hole cuttings from Missouri


The collection consists of well cutting samples (both whole rock & cuttings) for Public Water Supply wells, private domestic wells, irrigation wells and mineral/oil & gas exploration test holes. In most cases rock cuttings have been collected on 5-foot intervals from ground surface to the total depth of the well. The cuttings are permanently stored in glass or plastic vials in core boxes at the McCracken Core Library. Roughly ninety percent of the collection has a strip log made of the well. Most strip logs contain the owner's name, well location (county,section,township,range), latitude/longitude (when know), driller's name, drill date, amount & size of casing, ground elevation at well site, total depth, formation names & contacts, [...]

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Hairl Dayton

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Call to make an appt. to look at the cuttings. Come in or go to website to view logs. Missouri Missouri Geological Survey Program 111 Fairgrounds Road PO Box 250 Rolla, MO 65402-0250 800-361-4827 573-368-2100


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This collection record was derived from a survey of State Geological Survey organizations conducted under the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program. Final Harvest from State Inventory on Fri Nov 12 15:11:24 CST 2010

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