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UGS Aerial Imagery Collection

Aerial photography and other imagery of Utah


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The UGS Aerial Imagery Collection contains aerial photography of Utah originally taken from 1935 to the present, and includes over 125,000 frames and associated indexes, orthophotomaps (semi-controlled orthophotos), and other materials. Aerial photographs are highly sought after for use in geologic, geotechnical, and environmental investigations to document geologic hazards, land-use, geomorphologic, and other changes that may have occurred in a particular area, along with mapping geology, cultural, and vegetation features. The collection contains scanned images of aerial photograhs of Utah and a 0.2 degree buffer beyond the boundaries of Utah from 1935 to the present. Imagery indexes are available in the UGS GeoData Archive System.

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Utah Geological Survey
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Steve Bowman

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Individual aerial image scan files may be searched, viewed, and downloaded at 
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sourceSystem CSC 4777843
UniqueKey State Inventory P1351

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usageTrendThe UGS expects the collection to be used by a greater number of individuals, both internally and externally, once the collection is inventoried and an computerized database catalog is completed and due to the increasing cost of acquiring aerial photography.

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