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Collection of Hardrock Mineral Core from Alaska


This collection includes diamond drill core from hardrock/lode mineral prospects that have been donated to the Alaska Geologic Materials Center (GMC) by private entities or that have been recovered from properties during reclamation of historic mine and exploration sites by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The core is stored in waxed cardboard or plastic boxes. Mineralized portions, and in some cases the entire the core, has been split and sampled. Some core may have been quartered and sampled, or entirely consumed. The condition and completeness of the core varies widely. The core is housed on metal shelving in steel shipping containers. The containers are locked and secure, free of vermin, and protected from rain and snow. However, [...]

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Material Request Instructions

This collection is accessible by contacting the Alaska Geologic Materials Center, at 907-696-0079, or at to arrange a visit to the GMC in order to examine the core.


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This collection record was derived from a survey of State Geological Survey organizations conducted under the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program. Final Harvest from State Inventory on Fri Nov 12 15:34:12 CST 2010

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