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Collection of thin sections and polished sections from Wisconsin


Thin sections prepared primarily in the course of field work and research conducted by geologists of the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, UW-Extension. There appears to be a set of USGS-related thin sections, as well, but these are not evaluated at this time. Original scope of this collection of material was not well known, but assessment of these items is continuing. Thin sections are tied to field notebooks, which are being reviewed as time allows. Certain physical collections have been located, but their geographic location is uncertain until the field notebooks can be tied to the actual thin section. We must tie physical materials to field notebooks in order to develop geographic coordinates for specific thin sections. [...]

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This collection record was derived from a survey of State Geological Survey organizations conducted under the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program. Final Harvest from State Inventory on Fri Nov 12 16:45:11 CST 2010

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