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Groundwater-flow model of the Ozark Plateaus aquifer system, northwestern Arkansas, southeastern Kansas, southwestern Missouri, and northeastern Oklahoma


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Czarnecki, J.B., Gillip, J.A., Jones, P.M., and Yeatts, D.S., 2009, Groundwater-flow model of the Ozark Plateaus aquifer system, northwestern Arkansas, southeastern Kansas, southwestern Missouri, and northeastern Oklahoma: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2009-5148 (Revised March 2010), 62 p.


To assess the effect that increased water use is having on the long-term availability of groundwater within the Ozark Plateaus aquifer system, a groundwater-flow model was developed using MODFLOW 2000 for a model area covering 7,340 square miles for parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Vertically the model is divided into five units. From top to bottom these units of variable thickness are: the Western Interior Plains confining unit, the Springfield Plateau aquifer, the Ozark confining unit, the Ozark aquifer, and the St. Francois confining unit. Large mined zones contained within the Springfield Plateau aquifer are represented in the model as extensive voids with orders-of-magnitude larger hydraulic conductivity than [...]


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journalScientific Investigations Report
tableOfContents<ul><li>Abstract<br></li><li>Introduction<br></li><ul><li>Purpose and Scope</li><li>Previous Investigations</li><li>Approach</li><li>Acknowledgments</li><li>Description of Model Area</li></ul><li>Hydrogeologic Setting of the Ozark Plateaus Aquifer System<br></li><ul><li>Western Interior Plains Confining Unit</li><li>Springfield Plateau Aquifer</li><li>Ozark Confining Unit</li><li>Ozark Aquifer</li><li>St. Francois Confining Unit</li><li>St. Francois Aquifer</li><li>Basement Confining Unit</li></ul><li>Conceptual Model of Flow System<br></li><li>Description of Groundwater-Flow Model<br></li><ul><li>Groundwater-Modeling Tool</li><li>Simplifying Assumptions</li><li>Model Specifications</li><ul><li>Finite-Difference Grid</li><li>Stress Period Discretization</li><li>Model Boundary Conditions</li><ul><li>Areally Distributed Recharge</li><li>Rivers</li><li>Constant-Head Boundaries</li><ul><li>Springs</li><li>Grand Lake of the Cherokees</li></ul><li>General-Head Boundaries</li></ul><li>Water Use</li></ul></ul><li>Model Calibration<br></li><ul><li>Hydrologic Properties</li><li>Water-Level Observations</li><li>Streamflow Observations</li><li>Springflow Observations</li><li>Sensitivity Analysis</li></ul><li>Predevelopment Water-Level Altitudes<br></li><li>Hypothetical Scenarios<br></li><li>Zone-Budget Analysis<br></li><li>Model Limitations<br></li><li>Summary<br></li><li>Selected References<br></li></ul>

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