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Geophysical Data (Virginia)


The geophysical data collection consists of geophysical data sets that are relevant to Virginia and include seismic lines, basemaps, processed seismic data, magnetic data, aeroradiometric surveys, gravity surveys, etc. This collection covers a variety of seismic studies completed by numerous companies and institutions. Seismic data is stored in the Natural Resources building as paper maps, magnetic tapes, film, and digital files. The geophysical data collection is accessible by appointment with DGMR staff.

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Portions of the collection are currently accessible by visiting the DGMR office in Charlottesville, Virginia. Some studies have restricted access due to their proprietary nature.


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Geophysical Data (Geophysical Data,
2-D and 3-D seismic reflection (2-D and 3-D seismic reflection,
Aeromagnetic database (Aeromagnetic database,
Geotechnical Engineering Reports (Geotechnical Engineering Reports,
Gravity database (Gravity database,
Seismic data (Seismic data,
collectionGrowth<p> DGMR presently has no active geophysical data collection program.</p>
Derived and Indirect Geoscience Data (Derived and Indirect Geoscience Data,
Geophysical (Geophysical,
neededImprovements<p> Data requires improved accessibility to the public.</p>
Research (Research,
Reference (Reference,
Oil & Gas Exploration (Oil & Gas Exploration,
unitItems (Items,
usageTrend<p> This collection remains active, although currently static.&nbsp; Analog data (magnetic tapes, paper maps, etc.) have been converted to digital format.</p>
Professional Researchers (Professional Researchers,
Other Government Agencies (Other Government Agencies,
Private Sector (Private Sector,

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