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Mineral Resources of Virginia (Virginia)


The Mineral Resources of Virginia (MRV) Program oversees the inventory of specific mineral occurrences, prospects, mines, quarries, and other mining and processing sites of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, and energy resources in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The resulting information is formatted for inclusion in the MRV database. The goal of the MRV Program is to establish and maintain a digital database of statewide mineral and energy resources information to serve the following purposes: Preserve key information about mineral occurrences, mines, prospects, oil and gas extraction sites, and mining-related processing sites in a digital archive; Support public safety and environmental investigations; Provide a readily [...]

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The collection is currently accessible by visiting the DMR office in Charlottesville, Virginia. DMR would like to create an online web-based application for searching this data.


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sourceSystem CSC 1089245
UniqueKey State Inventory P1362

NGGDPP Collection Extension

Inventory of mineral resources sites (Inventory of mineral resources sites,
collectionGrowth<p> Yes</p>
Derived and Indirect Geoscience Data (Derived and Indirect Geoscience Data,
Research (Research,
Reference (Reference,
Mineral Exploration (Mineral Exploration,
Oil & Gas Exploration (Oil & Gas Exploration,
Land Management (Land Management,
Hazard Mitigation (Hazard Mitigation,
Mineral Exploration (Mineral Exploration,
Engineering (Engineering,
unitOther (Other,
usageTrend<p> Usage is expected to increase as demand for mineral resources continues and as development increases.</p>
Universities (Universities,
Professional Researchers (Professional Researchers,
Regulatory Agencies (Regulatory Agencies,
Other Government Agencies (Other Government Agencies,
General Public (General Public,
Private Sector (Private Sector,

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