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Index of Scanned Missouri Geological Field Notebooks


This collection lists and describes scanned Missouri Geological Survey (MGS) field notebooks that have been inventoried for data. The field notebook collection is a one-of-a-kind collection, dating back to the 1800s, that contains unique geologic information not recorded elsewhere. Due to the historic nature of the collection, the data it contains would be impossible to replicate today. These data are invaluable to present day geologic research, field and mine-related projects as well as engineering and construction projects. The notebooks not only contain irreplaceable physical geologic information, but also document the evolving geologic interpretations and nomenclature during a dynamic time in the science of geology. The "Index [...]

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This collection archives more than 150 years of geologic information, much of which is no longer obtainable. It also spans numerous major changes in geologic thought, as well as considerable geologic and cultural historical information.


Public information. References to this material should include the author, year of information and identify the Missouri Geological Survey as the publisher.



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