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Kansas Geological Survey Rock Cores, Sample Kid : 1032795818


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Barcode : 100073 ; Facility : North Lawrence ; Aisle : 7 ; Column : 2 ; Row : 3 ; Top : 0 ; Bottom : 0 ; Coretype: Unknown ; Comments: None

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Kansas Core Library : Most core is stored at the Kansas Geological Survey building in Lawrence and are available for inspection. Please contact the Lawrence Core Library at 785-864-2147 or David Laflen, Manager of the KGS Geologic Materials Archive and Laboratory. If core is flagged as being stored at the Wichita Office of the Kansas Geological Survey, please contact them at (316) 943-2343 or Mike Dealy, Manager for Wichita Operations.



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Last harvested on Fri Jan 18 10:45:25 MST 2013.

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  • Rock Cores, Sample Kid : 1032795818


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