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Measured By M.K. Elias, 1932; Holmesville Shale Formation,Limestone, crystalline (secondary?),Shale, calcareous, chalky,Mudstone, geodic,Limestone, splittery, with pelecypods,Shale, clayey,Mudstone, splittery, in lower part pelecypods (Pleurophorus) Orbiculoidea, and impressions of sea weed,Shale, calcareous, in lower part with Derbya, Pinna, and Straparollus,Mudstone, splittery, with Derbya, and Linoproductus, throughout; Composita, Allorisma, Pinna, and echinoid remains in lower part,Shale, calcareous,Fort Riley Limestone Member,Limestone, massive, light-gray, with vertical flint veins at the top. Meekella at the top. Throughout the bed small and mostly fragmentary fossils among which can be recognized small crinoid joints, bryozoans, [...]

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The database contains a set of measured sections (precise measurements and descriptions of a cross section of an outcrop or roadcut) for selected counties in Kansas. The data is based on archived materials from the Kansas Geological Survey, with sections created from 1900's to 1950's. The graphic columns have been scanned or scanned and traced from the original copies, and the descriptions have been typed in. Current stratigraphic nomenclature may be different than that presented on these pages, and some of these outcrops may no longer exist or may not be accessible.



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  • Sample Kid : 4474


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