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SRLCC Tabular Data (CSV files) - Monthly Precipitation


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These data sets are subsets of the Maurer, et al. (2007) bias corrected, spatially downscaled monthly climate predictions 1 . The predictions were subsetted for the SRLCC and its ecoregions using the USGS Geo Data Portal or GDP ( The GDP can calculate statistics of a gridded time series based on a particular area of interest (in this case, the uploaded shapefiles of the SRLCC and its ecoregions). After the input data sets (by Maurer, et al.) were processed through the GDP, the output CSV files contain tabular data for the SRLCC and individual ecoregions. Each value for precipitation in an output file is a mean across the SRLCC or ecoregion area. For a description of the GDP process, click here [...]


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SRLCC_a1b_Precip_ECHAM5-MPI.csv 54.83 KB text/plain
SRLCC_a1b_Precip_MIROC3.2(medres).csv 54.91 KB text/plain
SRLCC_a1b_Precip_PCM-NCAR.csv 54.77 KB text/plain
SRLCC_a2_Precip_ECHAM5-MPI.csv 54.82 KB text/plain
SRLCC_a2_Precip_MIROC3.2(medres).csv 54.89 KB text/plain
SRLCC_a2_Precip_PCM-NCAR.csv 54.77 KB text/plain
SRLCC_b1_Precip_ECHAM5-MPI.csv 54.85 KB text/plain
SRLCC_b1_Precip_MIROC3.2(medres).csv 54.86 KB text/plain
SRLCC_b1_Precip_PCM-NCAR.csv 54.77 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_a1b_Precip_ECHAM5-MPI.csv 289.89 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_a1b_Precip_MIROC3.2(medres).csv 291.11 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_a1b_Precip_PCM-NCAR.csv 289.41 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_a2_Precip_ECHAM5-MPI.csv 289.89 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_a2_Precip_MIROC3.2(medres).csv 291.18 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_a2_Precip_PCM-NCAR.csv 289.5 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_b1_Precip_ECHAM5-MPI.csv 289.98 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_b1_Precip_MIROC3.2(medres).csv 290.65 KB text/plain
Ecoregions_b1_Precip_PCM_NCAR.csv 289.19 KB text/plain


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