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From the National Atlas web site: The spectacular vista of a glistening deep blue earth set against a backdrop of black - perhaps it is little wonder that we have nicknamed our home, the "Blue Planet." Covering about two-thirds of the globe, water is the very lifeblood of the earth. It is the one natural resource upon which all life forms depend. Without water, life has to struggle, and in some cases, may cease to exist altogether. Throughout history, man has used his ingenuity to find creative ways to intercept and divert the natural pathways of water for a variety of needs. We have built reservoirs to supply drinking water for the masses. We have expanded agricultural production by irrigating crops. We have generated electricity [...]

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This collection is the ScienceBase instance of information from the National Atlas, created here to serve the needs of ScienceBase communities. Refer to the National Atlas link for complete information.


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