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Windmill at North Platte Station. Lincoln County, Nebraska. 1869.


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Album caption and index card: Jackson, W. H. 3 - Windmill at North Platte Station. At this point the Platte River runs through an almost entirely treeless plain, with but very few objects in nature to relieve the dead monotony, so that the windmills, which occur at nearly all the stations, for the purpose of raising water to the tanks, form a very prominent feature in the landscape. The river is very wide, shallow, and swift, running over bars and quicksands, with many little willow-covered islands. The north and south forks rise respectively in the North and South Parks of Colorado, and flow some 1,200 miles to their junction with the Missouri. The bridge and station are about 290 miles west of Omaha, and have an altitude of 2,827 [...]


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U.S. Geological Survey
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Jackson, William Henry

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