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Red Beds about 10 miles southeast of Thermopolis. Hot Springs County, Wyoming. 1922.


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Red Beds about 10 miles southeast of Thermopolis, the sagebrush slope in the foreground is formed in the soft gypsiferous shale beneath the Chugwater red beds; halfway up the bluff at the left is a massive red sandstone with shaly beds above and below; still higher is the Alcova limestone, to thin to appear prominent at this distance, and the upper gypsiferous beds. Near the center (photo lwt2292b) in the distance are the Sundance and Morrison formations, capped by Cloverly sandstone, which appears at the skyline. Hot Springs County, Wyoming. 1922. Plate 20-B in U.S. Geological Survey. Professional paper 149. 1927.


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U.S. Geological Survey
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Lee, Willis Thomas

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