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Aerial view of the big phreatic-explosion pit, from the east, Mount St. Helens. Skamania County, Washington. 1980.


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Album caption: Aerial view of the big phreatic-explosion pit, from the east, Mount St. Helens. Pyroclastic-flow deposits of June 12, 1980, have pooled in the base of the pit; tongues of pyroclastic flow deposits of July 22 have entered east (near) side. Hills of debris-avalanche deposits occur around pit. Part of Coldwater Ridge is in upper right corner. Skamania County, Washington. October 6, 1980. Published as figure 291 in U.S. Geological Survey. Professional paper 1250. 1981. Handwritten notes on album caption: (Photo by P. Rowley) Index card unavailable.


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U.S. Geological Survey
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Rowley, Peter D.

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Available in the U.S. Geological Survey Denver Library Photographic Collection, Mount St. Helens Collection.


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