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4KM Difference: Winter Precipitation (2015-2060) from ECHAM5-driven RegCM3 climate model (Western US)


This dataset depicts the anomaly for Average Seasonal Precipitation for Jan-Mar for 2015-2030 compared to 1968-1999 for ECHAM5. These data have been generated using a regional climate model called RegCM3 using boundary conditions from observations or general circulation models for historical conditions, and from GCM projections for future conditions. Regional climate model description: RegCM3 is the third generation of the Regional Climate Model originally developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Details on current model components and applications of the model can be found in numerous publications (e.g., Giorgi et al, 2004a,b, Pal et al, 2007), the ICTP RegCNET web site (, [...]


Point of Contact :
Ken Ferschweiler
Distributor :
Data Basin
Originator :
Steve Hostetler (USGS Corvallis)

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Winter Precipitation 2015-2060 from ECHAM5-driven RegCM3 climate model.xml
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