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Informing the Identification of High-Priority Lands for the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge Considering Future Climate and Urbanization

Dynamic Reserve Design in the Face of Climate Change and Urbanization


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Reserve design is a process that must address many ecological, social, and political factors to successfully identify parcels of land in need of protection to sustain wildlife populations and other natural resources. Making land acquisition choices for a large, terrestrial protected area is difficult because it occurs over a long timeframe and may involve consideration of future conditions such as climate and urbanization changes. Decision makers need to consider factors including: order of parcel purchasing given budget constraints, future uncertainty, potential future landscape-scale changes from urbanization, and climate. In central Florida, two new refuges and the expansion of a third refuge are in various stages of U.S. Fish and [...]

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The SSURGO maps were developed at a local level, by SCS staff assigned to each county. They were designed primarily for natural resource management by "farm and ranch, landowner/user, township, county, or parish". With the advent of GIS the data can also be used for larger regional analysis. Intended applications included "determining erodible areas and developing erosion control practices, reviewing site development proposals and land use potential; making land use assessments and chemical fate assessments; and identifying potential wetlands and sand and gravel aquifer areas." SSURGO maps have the highest level of field verification of the state or federal level natural resource maps. For that reason they are valuable as ancillary information for related map products, such as wetlands, land use, and vegetation maps. SSURGO maps are also valuable as an historical reference, because the soils are relatively stable compared to other themes such as land use or hydrography, and the NRCS attempts to show both current and historical status in the maps.

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