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This dataset is an extract of the resistance surface created for the Pacific Northwest Duke Climate Resilience Project. It incorporates data on various human activities from the following data sources: National Landcover Dataset, Energy Infrastructure data from the Ventyx Corporation, National Wetlands Inventory, TIGER 2010 Road Data, active railroads and Dave Theobald's housing density dataset developed from 2010 census data. More details on the creation of this surface can be found in the document "Creation of Resistance Surfaces for the Resistant Kernel Pacific Northwest Duke Landscape Resilience Project".


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This resistance surface was developed for the Pacific Northwest Duke Climate Resilience Project. It is designed to estimate the general resistance of any pixel to the movement of terrestrial organisms across the landscape. These data can be used as the basis for general terrestrial connectivity models, or summed by assessment unit to generate a conversion score. Only human modifications to the landscape are included, no information on land management is incorporated. In the Aird Lands Initiative Marxan Analysis, this raster was used as the cost/constraint layer.



  • Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative
  • LC MAP - Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal
  • National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center
  • Northwest CSC

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