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Surficial deposits and materials in the eastern and central UnitedStates (east of 102 degrees west longitude)


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The surficial geologic map of the Eastern and Central United Statesdepicts the areal distribution of surficial geologic deposits and othermaterials that accumulated or formed during the past 2+ million years,the period that includes all activities of the human species. Thesematerials are at the surface of the earth. They make up the "ground"on which we walk, the "dirt" in which we dig foundations, and the �soil�in which we grow crops. Most of our human activity is related in oneway or another to these surface materials that are referred tocollectively by many geologists as regolith, the mantle of fragmentaland generally unconsolidated material that overlies the bedrockfoundation of the continent. The map is based on 31 published mapsin [...]


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This geospatial database has been prepared with a degree of detailappropriate for viewing at a scale of 1:2,000,000. Because of thedegree of generalization required, the map is intended for regionaland national analysis, rather than for detailed analysis in specificareas. It depicts the surficial deposits and materials at or nearthe land surface, where most human interaction occurs. It does notdepict the bedrock geology, which is shown elsewhere in the NationalAtlas.
Reduced-size image of the entire map sheet, 400x383 pixels, 87k bytes
Reduced-size image of the entire map sheet, 400x383 pixels, 87k bytes





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