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Geologic map of the Palisade Quadrangle, Mesa County, Colorado


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2013-05-16 14:06:31


The Palisade 1:24,000 quadrangle is in Mesa County in westernColorado. Because the map area is dominated by various surficialdeposits, the map depicts 22 different Quaternary units. Twoprominent river terraces are present in the quadrangle containinggravels deposited by the Colorado River. The map area containsmany mass movement deposits. Extensive landslide deposits arepresent along the eastern part of the quadrangle. These massivelandslides originate on the flanks of Grand Mesa, in the GreenRiver and Wasatch Formations, and flow west onto the Palisadequadrangle. In addition, large areas of the eastern and southernparts of the map are covered by extensive pediment surfaces.These pediment surfaces are underlain by debris flow depositsalso [...]


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Carrara, Paul E
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Paul E. Carrara
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U.S. Geological Survey, Central Publications Group, U.S. Geological Survey
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Peter N Schweitzer
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Paul Carrara

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This map has been prepared to provide the first detailed view ofthe Palisade 1:24,000-scale quadrangle. Previous geologic mappingthat encompassed the map area was at scales of 1:100,000 and 1:250,000. The Palisade area is an important agricultural region ofColorado, fruit orchards were first established in the area inthe late 19th century. In addition, the Palisade quadrangle isundergoing rapid growth, as is the rest of the Grand Valley.Because of this rapid growth, the recognition of geologic hazardsis important. The map depicts many surficial units associatedwith geologic hazards. The map is accompanied by a separateleaflet containing a section on geologic hazards (includinglandslides, piping, gullying, expansive soils, and flooding). Atable indicates what map units are susceptible to a given hazard.The map will be of interest to town and county officials, land-use planners, as well as the general public.




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