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Map showing inventory and regional susceptibility forHolocene debris flows and related fast moving landslides inthe conterminous United States: vector data


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2013-05-16 14:06:32


Debris flows, debris avalanches, mud flows and lahars arefast-moving landslides that occur in a wide variety of environmentsthroughout the world. They are particularly dangerous to life andproperty because they move quickly, destroy objects in their paths,and can strike with little warning. The purpose of this map is toshow where debris flows have occurred in the conterminous UnitedStates and where these slope movements might be expected in thefuture.


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Steve Kambly
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Peg Rawson
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Earth Science Information Center,U.S. Geological Survey
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Peter N Schweitzer
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Brabb, E.E., Colgan, J.P., Best, T.C.

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These data are intended for geographic display andanalysis at the national level, and for large regionalareas. It is not intended for hazard evaluation or othersite-specific work, and should not be used for such. It canbe used to determine where debris flow processes may be aproblem and where additional information and investigation arewarranted. Although the digital form of the data removes theconstraint imposed by the scale of a paper map, the detail andaccuracy inherent in map scale are also present in the digitaldata. The fact that this database was edited at a scale of1:2,500,000 means that higher resolution information is notpresent in the data. Plotting at scales larger than1:2,500,000 will not yield greater real detail, and it mayreveal fine-scale irregularities below the intended resolutionof the database. Similarly, where this database is used incombination with other data of higher resolution, the resolutionof the combined output will be limited by the lower resolutionof these data. No responsibility is assumed by the U.S.Geological Survey in the use of these data.




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