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Seismic Landslide Hazard for the City of Berkeley, California


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2013-05-16 14:06:43


This map describes the possible hazard from earthquake-inducedlandslides for the city of Berkeley, CA. The hazard depicted bythis map was modeled for a scenario corresponding to an M=7.1earthquake on the Hayward, CA fault. This scenario magnitude isassociated with complete rupture of the northern and southernsegments of the Hayward fault, an event that has an estimatedreturn period of about 500 years. The modeled hazard alsocorresponds to completely saturated ground-water conditionsresulting from an extreme storm event or series of storm events.This combination of earthquake and ground-water scenariosrepresents a particularly severe state of hazard for earthquake-induced landslides. For dry ground-water conditions, overallhazard will [...]


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Scott B Miles
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U.S. Geological Survey
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Earth Science Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey
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Peter N Schweitzer
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Miles, S.B., Keefer, D.K.

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The map is intended as a tool for regional planning. Any site-specific planning or analysis should be undertaken with theassistance of a qualified geotechnical engineer. This hazard mapshould not be used as a substitute to the State of CaliforniaSeismic Hazard Zones map for the same area. (See CaliforniaDepartment of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology, 1999).As previously noted for maps of this type by Wieczorek andothers (1985), this map should not be used as a basis todetermine the absolute risk from seismically triggered landslidesat any locality, as the sole justification for zoning or rezoningany parcel, for detailed design of any lifeline, for site-specific hazard-reduction planning, or for setting or modifyinginsurance rates.
Reduced-size image of the map sheet, 450x614 pixels, 32-bit RGB true color, 20k bytes.
Reduced-size image of the map sheet, 450x614 pixels, 32-bit RGB true color, 20k bytes.




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