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Cisco Landing Reach is another short reach (4 km), beginning at Bkm 197 and extending downstream to Bkm193. The Cisco Landing reach extends around a single large meander bend to the mouth of Dry Gulch (Bkm 193) and contains the federally managed Cisco Landing boat ramp. This reach is characterized by a shallow (45 to 100 m deep), broad strike valley that trends SSE along the WSW flank of Uncompahgre Uplift. Alluviated bottomlands are continuous and as much as 1500 m wide. This valley is bounded on its west side by the Summerville and Morrison Fms and on its east side by the Kayenta Fms. The average river gradient is 0.05%. Vegetation is mostly non-native herbaceous cover (30%), reflecting the dominance of agriculture on the bottomland [...]


  • Conservation Planning along the Colorado River in Utah


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