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WOPR Administratively Withdrawn Polygon


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2013-12-16 13:02:42


These are the complete Administratively Withdrawn Areas in the Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) area that are not filtered through the land use allocation hierarchy. These areas were identified in the options harvest modeling process.BLM (Bureau of Land Management) WOPR (Western Oregon Plan Revision) WOPR Theme Group: OPT (Options) WOPR Purpose: O (Options) GLUA: General Land Use Allocations PRMP: Proposed Resource Management Plan ADMWD (Administratively Withdrawn Areas)


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For use in analysis in the Western Oregon Plan Revision, representing areas that have been removed from consideration for timber management for a variety of reasons. Some of the areas represent non-timber features such as roads or rock, others represent protected features such as recreation areas or protected species habitat. No details of the underlying cause of this status are maintained in this data, only the general status of Administratively Withdrawn. Some of these areas fall within other land use allocation categories such as the national landscape conservation areas (NLCS). To see only the subset of these areas with Administratively Withdrawn land use allocations refer to the Administratively Withdrawn category within the GLUA land use allocations data.



  • LC MAP - Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal
  • North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative



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