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CEC Protected Areas raster 2km resolution raster, clipped to GNLCC Boundary


2014-01-07 22:29:44
Last Update
2014-07-05 03:00:01


Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), Geneva Chong(Principal Investigator), LCC Network Data Steward(administrator), 2014-01-07(creation), 2014-07-05(lastUpdate), CEC Protected Areas raster 2km resolution raster, clipped to GNLCC Boundary


We will develop an approach to identify fire refugia in Rocky Mountain ecosystems of the U.S. and Canada then test the function of refugia for biodiversity conservation under current and future climate/fire scenarios. Our products will be designed to inform decision-making in land/easement acquisition, identification of critical areas for maintaining landscape and process connectivity/permeability, and extension of the temporal context for spatial conservation decision making. The approach will be testable for transferability to other locations and ecosystems.


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