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Control of Nitrogen Export from Watersheds by Headwater Streams


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BJ Peterson, WM Wollheim, PJ Mulholland, JR Webster, JL Meyer, JL Tank, E Marti, WB Bowden, HM Valett, AE Hershey, WH McDowell, WK Dodds, SK Hamilton, S Gregory, and DD Morrall, 2001, Control of Nitrogen Export from Watersheds by Headwater Streams: Science 292 (2001): 86-90.


Synopsis: This study summarized results of a comparative 15N-tracer study from a wide variety of sites throughout the United States, to derive general principles related to headwater streams and nitrogen dynamics. Standardized protocols were applied in 12 headwater streams representing a wide diversity of biomes throughout the United States. These sites were part of the Lotic Intersite Nitrogen eXperiment (LINX). The most rapid uptake and transformation of inorganic nitrogen occurred in the smallest streams. Ammonium entering these streams was removed within a few tens to hundreds of meters, primarily through assimilation by microorganisms, sorption to sediments, and nitrification. Nitrate was also removed from stream water but traveled [...]



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