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New Strategies for Restoring Coastal Wetland Function, Maumee River Area of Concern


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Description of Work U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists are focusing on restoring natural water flow and ecological processes between coastal wetlands in the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (Ohio) and adjacent to Lake Erie to improve fish and wildlife habitat. This pilot project will develop approaches that will restore coastal wetland function and increase ecosystem resilience to be used as a model throughout the Great Lakes basin. USGS will focus on restoring natural hydrologic processes in diked coastal wetlands adjacent to Great Lakes waters to improve wetland functions like phosphorus retention and restoration of habitats for fish and wildlife. Sustainable approaches are being developed in the Maumee River Area of Concern [...]

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The purposes of the project are to: 1) hydrologically reconnect a diked wetland to Lake Erie to restore coastal wetland function and native species habitats; 2) implement a short- and long-term monitoring program to characterize response of biotic and abiotic ecosystem elements, especially those relating to Beneficial Use Impairments (e.g., phosphorus retention) after restoration actions, and 3) communicate project results to researchers, managers, policy makers, and the general public to ensure that outcomes of the project can: a) guide future management and restoration efforts in western Lake Erie and throughout the Great Lakes basin; b) contribute to landscape-level efforts to improve ecosystem resiliency to stressors, and c) support implementation of sustainable and adaptive management strategies.

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