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The DMPlanner is a web application for creating data management plans. DMPlanner is an open source, data-driven, client-side JavaScript tool that is easily configurable(via json config), can be used stand-alone or embedded, and has no server-side programming or database requirements. Uses the ExtJS framework, which is available under a GPL license and has a nice suite of ready to use widgets. The basic structure of the planner is Plan(s)->Section(s)->Groups(s)->Question(s). The planner may be configured by editing a JSON file, which is read by the application and defines the structure and, when saved by the web client, stores the data. Supports saving data to the browser cache, filesystem, or webservice (via Local Storage, HTML5 [...]


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Joshua Bradley


  • LC MAP - Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal




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The Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Integrated Data Management Network (IDMN) is cataloging tools of potential interest to LCCs through the work of the IDMN Toolshed Team. All cataloged tools for this effort are in the Natural Resource Data Analysis Tools folder of the LC MAP Community.

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