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Geospatial Fabric Attribute Tables for PRMS Soils Parameters based on SSURGO (Preliminary)


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(Hyperlink to Official Landing Page for Geospatial Fabric products) This dataset contains a set of attributes describing the "nhru" GIS features (Hydrologic Response Units)in the Geospatial Fabric Features dataset( that have been developed in support of the USGS PRMS watershed model. These tables are organized according to Geospatial Fabric Region; see the thumbnail of the Geospatial Fabric Features Regions ( Each table contains a key field, "hru_id", that can be used to relate to the nhru feature class in the Geospatial Fabric Feature dataset for the corresponding Region. The methodologies used to derive the individual attributes [...]

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These data have been created to provide preliminary parameter values for the Hydrologic Response Units used in applications of the USGS PRMS model within the lower 48 U.S. states, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Although quality assurance procedures have been applied to these data, users should treat this information as preliminary and expect to carry out their own quality assurance on the information for appropriate use in applications of the USGS PRMS model. This data set was also published in order to document its use in a number of published watershed modeling reports.

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