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Alternative 7 (DECEMBER 2012 VERSION) - No Action Alternative/Areas Available for Development, DRECP


Original Data Basin Creation Date
2013-11-18 17:00:00
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2013-11-21 12:59:15


No Action Alternative.The no action alternative assumes that the 20,323 MW renewables energy target will be met by 2040. The estimated technology mix and consequent ground disturbance has not yet been determined.No DFAs or LUPAs are part of the no action alternative. Instead, the no action alternative assumes that development will occur within the 10.3 million acres of the Plan Area that satisfy the minimum resource requirements needed for renewable energy facilities; this includes BLM solar PEIS variance lands. Conservation is assumed to occur in Legally and Legislatively Protected Area (LLPAs) and MEMLs and development is assumed to be excluded from these areas. Further, no solar development would occur within existing ACECs.All [...]


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Harvested on Fri May 23 09:34:47 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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