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Mojave fringe-toed lizard - Species Distribution Model, DRECP


Original Data Basin Creation Date
2013-06-24 18:00:00
Original Data Basin Modified Date
2013-12-03 09:28:22


These data are species distribution model outputs for the Mojave fringe-toed lizard (Uma scoparia) for the DRECP. Frank Davis’ Biogeography Lab at UC Santa Barbara used Maxent to produce a continuous probability surface and a binary layer showing suitable habitat, derived using the equal training sensitivity and specificity threshold. Based on consultation with biologists and occurrence data, the Conservation Biology Institute modified the UCSB binary model to include sand/dune complexes with known MFTL populations. Playas (based on the National Hydrography Dataset) were excluded from suitable habitat, and suitable sand features were selected from the DRECP Sand and Dune Systems dataset and National Hydrography Dataset washes. Developed, [...]


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Data source
Frank Davis and Oliver Soong<br/> Bren School of Environmental Science &amp; Management<br/> University of California<br/> Santa Barbara, CA  93106-5131<br/> Lab website: <div><br/></div><div>Conservation Biology Institute</div>
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