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PCM A2 Scenario Annual Recharge, DRECP, 2010-2039


Original Data Basin Creation Date
2013-05-12 18:00:00
Original Data Basin Modified Date
2013-06-19 13:07:04


This dataset is a Basin Characterization Model (BCM) output using the PCM A2 Scenario for annual recharge, 2010-2039, clipped to the DRECP 12 km buffered boundary. Recharge: Amount of water exceeding field capacity that enters bedrock, occurs at a rate determined by the hydraulic conductivity of the underlying materials, excess water (rejected recharge) is added to runoff. The California Basin Characterization Model (BCM) climate dataset provides historical and projected climate surfaces for the state at a 270 meter resolution. The historical data is based on 4 kilometer PRISM data, and the projected climate surfaces are based on the A2 and B1 scenarios of the PCM and GFDL GCMs. The BCM approach uses a regional water balance model [...]


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Data source
Flint, Lorraine E. and Flint, Alan L.
Harvested on Fri May 23 09:35:59 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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