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British Columbia Percent Mortality Area, Douglas-Fir Beetle, 2005


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2013-04-05 15:48:24
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2013-05-02 16:00:13


This is one of many datasets generated as part of the cited study. It shows British Columbia percent mortality area (0-100% of the gridcell area containing killed trees) due to Douglas-Fir Beetle, 2005. Below is a description of the entire study: Abstract. Outbreaks of aggressive bark beetle species cause widespread tree mortality, affecting timber production, wildlife habitat, wildfire, forest composition and structure, biogeochemical cycling, and biogeophysical processes. As a result, agencies responsible for forest management in the United States and British Columbia conduct aerial surveys to map these forest disturbances. Here we combined aerial surveys from British Columbia (2001–2010) and the western conterminous United States [...]


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A.J.H. Meddens, University of Idaho<br />
Harvested on Fri May 23 09:36:20 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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