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Southwestern willow flycatcher - Species Distribution Model, DRECP


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2013-03-25 18:00:00
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2013-12-03 09:30:25


These data are statistical model outputs for Willow flycatcher (ssp. Southwestern willow flycatcher) (Empidonax traillii extimus )  species distribution, completed by Frank Davis’ Biogeography Lab at UC Santa Barbara. Based on examination of species observation data and consultation with biologists, CBI used the model's broad extent output masked to within 10 km of the Colorado River and the following USFS ecoregion subsections: 322Aa, M261Er, M261Es, 322Ag, M262Bi, M262Bh, M262Bg, 322Cc.  The UCSB Biogeography Lab used Maxent to generate predictions of habitat occupancy for ~70 species for the CA Energy Commission’s project “Cumulative Biological Impacts Framework for Solar Energy in the CA Desert”, 500-10-021. Species [...]


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Frank Davis and Oliver Soong<br/> Bren School of Environmental Science &amp; Management<br/> University of California<br/> Santa Barbara, CA  93106-5131<br/> Lab website:
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