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Historic average annual minimum temperature (degrees C) 1961-1990 (VEMAP version)


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2011-11-30 07:28:27
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2011-11-30 07:28:27


The full VEMAP dataset covers the period 1895—1993 on a 0.5° latitude/longitude grid. Climate is represented at both monthly and daily timesteps. Variables are: precipitation, mininimum and maximum temperature, total incident solar radiation, daylight-period irradiance, vapor pressure, and daylight-period relative humidity. The dataset was derived from US Historical Climate Network (HCN), cooperative net work, and snowpack telemetry (SNOTEL) monthly precipitation and mean minimum and maximum temperature station data. VEMAP participants employed techniques that rely on geostatistical and physical relation ships to create the temporally and spatially complete dataset. They developed a local kriging prediction model to infill discontinuous [...]


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Raymond Drapek
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T. G. F. Kittell, N. A. Rosenbloom, J. A. Royle, C. Daly, W. P.<br /> Gibson, H. H. Fisher, P. Thornton, D. N. Yates, S. Aulenbach, C. Kaufman, R. McKeown, D. Bachelet, D. S. Schimel, VEMAP2 Participants.
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