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Nested Watersheds of South America - Major Watersheds


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2011-09-15 11:49:55
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2011-09-19 04:52:45


In 2006, TNC sought to develop a classification of watershed units to be used in conservation planning and conservation measures benchmarks in South America. The objectives of this project were to: Map freshwater ecological systems at a continental scale for priority setting and conservation strategy planning, build freshwater-related datasets for reference and to have a standardized dataset to perform analysis and perform parallel analyses related to threats assessments, protected area gap analyses and other applications. The process that we followed aimed to replicate the classification methodology proposed by Higgins et al, 2005 (Figure 1). Using this hierarchical classification system, large classification units known as ecoregions [...]


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Paulo Petry and Leonardo Sotomayor. 2009. Mapping Freshwater Ecological Systems with Nested Watersheds in South America. The Nature Conservancy.
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