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Mean Monthly Maximum Temperature (degrees C) for 2070-2099 Over North America at 5 arc-minutes downscaled from MIROC 3.2 medres / SRES A1B climate model simulations


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2011-09-13 09:15:33
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2011-10-31 14:38:15


Average monthly maximum temperature for the years 2070-2099.


Data Owner :
Raymond Drapek
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Data source
Dataset prepared by Ray Drapek, USFS PNW Research Station.<br /> <br /> Fine grid detail came from historical data which came from the following sources: 1) Eastern Canada data obtained from the Canadian Forest Service. Marty Siltanen was the main contact. 2) Western Canada and Alaska came from Climate Source LLC ( 3) Data for the conterminous USA came from the Oregon Climate Service. <br /> <br /> Future anomalies came from&nbsp; the WCRP CMIP3 multi-model database website. MIROC 3.2 medres / SREAS A1B data.
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