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Forest net ecosystem production for the Pacific Northwest, USA (gC/m2yr)


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2011-08-09 05:59:11
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2011-08-09 05:59:11


A combination of remote sensing and ecosystem modeling is used to examine the trends in NEP and net ecosystem carbon balance (NECB) in this region over the 1985–2007 period, with particular attention to land ownership since management now differs widely between public and private forestland. In the late 1980s, forestland in both ownership classes was subject to high rates of harvesting, and consequently the land was a carbon source (i.e. had a negative NECB). After the policy driven reduction in the harvest level, public forestland became a large carbon sink driven in part by increasing NEP whereas private forestland was close to carbon neutral.


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Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Station, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge Naitonal Laboratory<br />
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