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Average Amount of Water Contributed to the Stream Network (1971-2000) for the Apache-Sitgreaves study area, Arizona, USA


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2011-05-24 11:07:26
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2011-10-05 09:47:40


This map represents the mean annual value of water contributed to the stream network, simulated by the model MC1 for the 30-year period 1971-2000. The data is from output variable STREAMFLOW in MC1 version B60. The data is in units comparable to rainfall, millimeters of water per year; values range from 34 to 894 mm yr-1. The vegetation model MC1 (e.g. Bachelet et al. 2001) was used to simulate vegetation dynamics, associated carbon and nitrogen cycle, water budget, and wild fire impacts at two study sites in eastern Oregon (Deschutes and Fremont-Winema National Forests) and in Arizona (Apache Sitgreaves National Forest area) in the context of a project funded by the USDA Forest Service (PNW 09-JV-11261900-003). Historical climate [...]


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David Conklin, Conservation Biology Institute<br /> <br />
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