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Percent surface roughness used in modeling habitat of the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) in the Mojave and parts of the Sonoran Deserts of California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, USA


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2011-04-15 08:32:30
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2011-04-15 09:08:09


Percent surface roughness. Surface roughness was calculated at a 30-m cell size using the method specified by Hobson (1972). First average surface roughness was calculated as the average value of surface roughness in each 1-km2 grid cell. Percentage of each 1-km2 cell that was "rough" was assessed by measuring the proportion of 30-m average roughness grid cells that were > 1.11 (threshold for rough). Derived from 30m NED DEM.


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United States Geological Survey Western Ecological Research Center<br />
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