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Global Average Annual Sum Precipitation (mm) for MIROC 3.2 SRES A2 medres at a 1/2 Degree Grid Resolution, 2070-2099


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2011-02-23 10:32:56
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2012-03-30 15:22:36


For each MIROC gridcell: An average precipitation was calculated for 1961-1990 based on the simulated transient historical data. Result is a 12 month simulated climatology at the scale of the MIROC grid. For each forecast month a ratio anomaly was calculated (ex. January_2021 / Mean_historical_January). Anomalies were capped at 5.0. Result is a 100 year monthly set of precipitation anomalies at the scale of the MIROC grid. For each forecast month: Gridded anomalies were interpolated to a ½ degree grid using a bilinear interpolation. For each forecast month and each ½ degree gridcell: The anomaly for that month is mulitplied to the CRU historical precipitation (ex. CRU_Mean_January_1961-1990 x January_2021_anomaly). [...]


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Data source
Mean historical precipitation were derived from Climatic Research Unit TS 2.0 half degree grids (website:&nbsp;<a href=""></a> ). Future precipitation anomalies were calculated from simulated historical and projected future temperatures produced by the MIROC 3.2 medres model running on historical and SRES A2 CO2 levels. Downscaling was done by Raymond Drapek, PNW Research Station, USDA Forest Service.&nbsp;
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