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SAFARI 2000 NBI Vegetation Map of the Savannas of Southern Africa - Angola


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2011-02-09 12:52:41
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2011-05-11 20:43:40


Vegetation of the Angola as used in the SAFARI 2000 project assessing the contribution of burning woody African vegetation south of the Equator to atmospheric aerosols. Project abstract: The objective of the National Botanical Institute's (NBI) vegetation mapping project was to map woody plant species to provide estimates of the fraction of individual species contributing to the peak leaf area index for designated vegetation types in southern Africa. The target was to account for 80% of the woody vegetation leaf area in terms of named species, for 80% of the surface area of Africa south of the equator. The data sources are both published and unpublished species lists for vegetation types and individual sample plots, with the species [...]


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National Botanical Institute, South Africa
Harvested on Fri May 23 09:40:15 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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