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Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH) - day 31, 2011


Original Data Basin Creation Date
2011-02-01 12:18:15
Original Data Basin Modified Date
2011-05-12 19:21:57


The Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent – Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH) products provide measurements of daily sea ice extent and sea ice edge boundary for the Northern Hemisphere and 16 Arctic regions in a polar stereographic projection. Products include an ASCII text file of sea ice extent values in square km over the entire Northern Hemisphere with 16 separate Arctic regions identified, time series plots of the 16 regions, and image files that visually show where the sea ice is. The MASIE-NH imagery are provided at a nominal 4 km resolution. The input data comes from the 4 km Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS) snow and ice product produced by the National Ice Center (NIC). NIC utilizes visible imagery, passive [...]


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National Snow and Ice Data Center<br />
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