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Global Patterns in Net Primary Productivity as a Percentage of Net Primary Productivity


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2011-01-06 11:49:33
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2011-01-06 11:52:54


NPP—the net amount of solar energy converted to plant organic matter through photosynthesis—can be measured in units of elemental carbon and represents the primary food energy source for the world's ecosystems. Human appropriation of net primary productivity (HANPP), through the consumption of food, paper, wood and fiber, alters the composition of the atmosphere, levels of biodiversity, energy flows within food webs and the provision of important ecosystem services.


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This work, including access to the data and technical assistance, is provided by CIESIN, with funding from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under Contract NAS5-03117 for the continued operation of the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC).<br /> <br /> <br />
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