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Original Data Basin Creation Date
2010-08-09 07:29:27
Original Data Basin Modified Date
2010-10-27 11:35:32


This map is one of the layers used to recreate Figure 2 in Churkina and Running (1998) in Data Basin (file title: Climate controls on plant growth). Each pixel (0.5ox0.5o) on the map represents a value derived from a specific function of the percentage of sunshine hours per year (Figure 1 in Churkina and Running 1998). Exerpt from Churkina and Running 1998: Although clouds can dramatically reduce the amount of incoming photosynthetically active radiation, plants still photosynthesize on a cloudy day by using diffuse radiation, but at lower rates. Thus, we assumed that cloudiness considerably reduced incoming solar radiation and NPP in areas with low percentages of sunshine hours per year. Vegetation productivity was not limited [...]


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Data source
Galina Churkina and Steve W. Running (<a href=""></a> )
Harvested on Fri May 23 09:42:29 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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UniqueKey Data Basin 6fcba40c990c483484a1d51dacf57d3c

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